I am a relentless creative and have to keep creating. 🙂

Here are some of the more ambitious woodworking projects I’ve undertaken.

River Dining Table

This is a large 8 foot dining table made of solid live-edge ambrosia maple and Ecopoxy resin.

I did the 3-stage epoxy pour in my garage. I also crafted the matching ambrosia maple bench.

Office Cabinets

I’m a hobbyist cabinet maker. This was my biggest cabinet project to date, with 16 faces (drawers & doors). I designed the build in Sketchup. The carcass is standard 3/4″ aspen plywood. The shaker doors are poplar and spray painted finish.

Home Office Floating Desk

As part of my extensive home office vision, I wanted a long floating desk to run 2 workstations on side by side. The desk is 10-feet long ash pieces laminated together (Titebond3 + biscuit joinery + Damstom clamps). They are supported by braces on either side. I bought embedded power bars from Amazon so that devices can be powered from the desk itself.

Interesting to note is that it’s not possible to carry a desk this size into my basement. I had to feed each board in via a basement window, then do the entire lamination and construction on-site. This is hopefully never coming out. 🙂

The black wall next to my workspace uses a chalkboard paint. It is a giant chalkboard for my relentless thinking.

River Coffee Table

My first river table using Ecopoxy resin. The wood is curly maple. Read the blog post to see the making of.

Bathroom Cabinets & Live Edge Counter

We were having our bathroom renovated and I wanted to do something bespoke and spectacular for the vanity and counter.

The vanity was designed in Sketchup and built with standard plywood. The drawers are oak. Doors are shaker-style doors.

The stunning countertop is a single live-edge walnut slab finished with Livos. The giant sink we got from Wayfair.