My name is Leonard Teo. I am the CEO of ArtStation, a leading showcase platform for artists & designers with millions of users worldwide. I am also a partner at Ballistiq, a digital platform development agency.

My passion is in making stuff. Whether it is software, building successful businesses, or creating physical stuff via carpentry, I enjoy making things that are useful and help people.

Primarily I have worked in the media and entertainment industry – more specifically in 3D graphics, game development film visual effects and architectural visualization. Prior to ArtStation, I was a consultant working on many client projects via my company Ballistiq. I worked as a Product Marketing Manager for Softimage and Autodesk Media & Entertainment. I was also the founder of, one of the world’s largest online communities for the high-end computer graphics industry, and I also co-founded Ballistic Publishing, which is famous for creating beautiful books of the world’s best digital art.

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